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At the age of nine, Tosin laid eyes on the prettiest thing she’d ever seen up to then – a cathedral wedding cake with delicately piped royal icing details including an intricately designed cascade of roses. At that moment she knew what she wanted to do – make beautiful cakes. To add to that, she was raised by a mother who loved flowers and who had the most talented green fingers.


Growing up, their home was known as the ‘house with beautiful flowers outside’. Tosin inherited that same love for flowers from her mother. The deal was sealed when her bestie’s mother became her very first tutor in… making beautiful cakes. Fast forward 20+ years later to 2006 and 3Tees Creations was born!


3Tees Creations makes bespoke wedding cakes, celebration cakes for all events as well as treats for dessert tables and delivery. The cakes are made using the finest ingredients to create incredibly light and fluffy sponges in a range of flavours that are fashioned into magnificent towers of art. To these, Tosin adds her pièce de résistance - sugar flowers.

Sugar Flowers Transform Cakes

Sugar flowers originated from the fact that sap from many flowers is poisonous, or at the very least, discolours icing. They make fantastic decorative pieces that can completely transform the look and mood of a cake. Tosin spent many years learning from some of the best sugar flower makers around the world. She also perfected her skills over a five-year period with a community of bakers and cake artisans in Swansea. 
Now with her artistry, passion for baking and keen eye for detail, Tosin’s aim is to create a cake that tells a story… your beautiful story. Browse the site and find out more!

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